Real-time Global Tracking System for DDoS Attacks

Real-time Global Tracking System for DDoS Attacks can detect DDoS attacks that are occurring and have occurred on the network, and through real-time alarm and related analysis, it tracks hosts that launch attacks on the botnet and the victims, find IP addresses and geographic areas of the attackers and victims and show them on the map in a real-time manner. On the map, each tree represents a DDoS attack that a country is experiencing, and the crown represents the IP address suffering a DDoS attack. The length of the tree represents duration of the attack, while the number of yellow-and-red dots on the crown indicates the number of attacks. The more branches and the more dense the crown, the more severe the DDoS attacks. The Earth is divided into inner and outer s, with the inner indicating the victims and the outer indicating controlling hosts that launch the attacks. Each point represents all control hosts on a latitude and longitude. Different colors are used to distinguish between the recent attacks and historical attacks.

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