Real-time Global Monitoring System for Trojan Horses Viruses

Real-time Global Monitoring System for Trojan Horses Viruses is mainly realized through Qi An Xin Trojan killing engine. The engine is a cloud computing d anti-virus and anti-malware system. This system can collect massive document samples efficiently, analyze them quickly and judge the safety grade and credibility of the samples fast, and the relevant characteristic information to the Trojan cloud and killing engine. Clients are connected to the Trojan cloud killing engine at the server end to provide users with preventive and real-time protection. Through local killing engines and the cloud-d killing engines, this monitoring system summarizes Qi An Xin’s nationwide Trojan killing situations. The module collects Trojan data collected by all kinds of local and cloud killing engines, and from them we can clearly understand the Trojan viruses found and killed around the country, calculate the number of Trojans and the number of computers being attacked on a specific day, and display the locations of these Trojans on a 3D map in a real-time manner. The types of Trojans and the areas where they are found can also be displayed in a scroll way.

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