Real-time Tracking System for Phishing Attacks

Phishing attack is a malicious attempt in the Internet disguised as a trusted organization, attempting to defraud sensitive information such as user name password, credit card information and so on. In to find and locate such attacks, it needs the support of an accurate analysis method and a huge amount of data. Qi An Xin phishing attack tracking system scans nearly 2 billion pages a day, and through filtering out the trusted pages and duplicate pages d on some rules, it filters out about 20 million suspect pages, which are entered into the analysis engine. According to the malicious sample library d on the model analysis, we can intercept phishing site access, and begin to trace attacks from the victims IPs. The detailed log provides a rich data dimension for the phishing attack tracking system. We trace phishing attacks on the 3D map according to the locations that the attacks are launched and the geographical locations of the victims, and display them in a real-time manner and the number of real-time interception s today. The right side shows the ranking of phishing attacks by the of numbers in Chinese provinces and different countries, and different colors are used to distinguish between different types of phishing attacks to meet a variety of display needs.

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