O&M Security Management and Control System

Delicate management of people, resource accounts and access process; establishing a security management system emphasizing pre-planning, control during the process and post-audit, so as to minimize the risks of man-made data leakage and IT accidents.

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Adopting New Generation Intelligent O&M technology framework, Legendsec SecFox Security Management System, also known as bastion host, is a unified security management and control platform which provides account, authorization, authentication, and audit management services for enterprises to centrally manage data O&M. It is a complete set of pre-prevention, in-process monitoring, post-audit safety management system that meets the O&M audit requirements of customers from finance, education, medical and other industry.


1. Support All Types of Platforms
It is fully compatible with all types of servers, security equipment, network equipment, storage equipment and middleware assets of enterprises, and supports operation and maintenance auditing under various protocols.
2. User-Friendly Interface
The whole process from user registration to asset creation and authorization is realized via a single interface powered by Web2.0 and designed with Office-like menus with all-in-one rapid authorization management.
3. Complete Audit Reports
Provide various audit reports with multi-dimensional visualization to help customers quickly identify responsibility and track events.
4. Adopt a Variety of New Technologies
New technologies such as automatic O&M, O&M watermark leakage prevention mechanism, multi-dimensional access control mechanism, multi-person cooperative O&M, file transfer and paste board audit, encryption results segmentation are employed to ensure O&M efficiency and security.
5. Flexible Authentication Mechanisms
It provides nearly 10 mandatory authentication mechanisms (certificate, dynamic password, KEY, fingerprint identification, SMS gateway authentication, etc.), any two of which may form a two-factor authentication. Unique dynamic authentication coupled with cellphone Apps is provided.
6. O&M Security Guaranteed by High Reliability
The self-developed SecOS operating system designed with double redundancy only makes necessary ports and services accessible to ensure its security. It supports dual-machine load and cluster deployment to maintain business continuity and high reliability.


1. It standardizes the access to the O&M, making accounts management more simply and orderly.
2. It effectively monitors and manages assets to avoid losses of security reasons and ensure business returns.
3. It effectively prevents damages to the system caused by false and irresponsible operations and unauthorized access.
4. It improves the efficiency of O&M troubleshooting with accurate accountability and traceability.
5. It enhances the work efficiency of IT O&M department, and reduces the intricacy of their job.

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