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SkyEye New Version Releasede: Next Generation Threat Sensitive System

Date:Jul 29,2020 Author:QAX

The upgraded SkyEye system provides users with an all-in-one solution that enables advanced threat detection,analysis, retrospection and response. It integrates threat intelligence with self-developed detection engines, virtual-execution-based sandbox and machine leaning analysis models to help users accurately, efficiently and adaptively react to advanced threats.
With the development of QI-ANXIN technology group, SkyEye has served thousands of enterprise-level and government-level organizations, and has participated in network security protection missions in major national and international events, in which it helps security experts identified over 300 thousand of attacking activities and thousands of vulnerability exploitations.
The new version of SkyEye has enhanced functions in threat perception, analysis, forensic, and response.Also, it has a more usable and interactive interface. In terms of forensics,SkyEye innovatively integrates visualized threat hunting, full-traffic storage appliance and asset correlation technologies to improve the analysis capability. Together with SOAR modules embedded in the response function, it completes the cycle of cyber defense activities. Which makes SkyEye not just a simple cyber security tool, but also a sophisticated, combat-experienced, and scalable solution for customers.