SkyEye: New Generation Threat Perception System

Attacks have nowhere to hide under the SkyEye.

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Through attack and defense penetration and data analysis, SkyEye uses threat intelligence, rule engine, file virtual execution, machine learning and other technologies based on network traffic and terminal EDR logs to accurately discover known advanced network attacks and unknown new types of hosts and servers in the network. The intrusion behavior of network attacks analyzes, judges and traces the incident, and blocks the threat in time.


1. Leading APT Detection and Tracking Capabilities
QI-ANXIN Threat Intelligence Center is monitoring more than 40 domestic and foreign hacker organizations that launched APT attacks, dating back to 2007.
2. Leading Threat Intelligence Capabilities in China
Based on multi-dimensional and global data collection capabilities, it uses cloud big data technology to automate processing and the manual operation of top security research teams to provide users with accurate threat intelligence.
3. Powerful Coordinated Response
Through terminal EDR linkage, firewall NDR linkage, and automated scheduling and disposal, it helps users quickly locate infected hosts and malware, and block threats in a timely manner, improving the response and handling capabilities of network attacks.
4. Computing and Retrieving Massive Data
SkyEye provides enterprises with TB-level rapid data search capabilities, which can provide solid technical support for large-scale local data storage, attack evidence retention and query, and real-time correlation analysis.
5. Rich Business Cases
SkyEye System serves more than 1000 domestic and foreign customers, covering almost all industries.


1. Accurate Detection of Advanced Threats
Compared with traditional security detection solutions, SkyEye System can quickly and accurately detect cyber threat attacks with high accuracy and low false positive rate.
2. Rapid Response to Major Security Incidents
SkyEye System helps security staff detect, evaluate and respond to major security incidents within specific contexts, such as incidents of Eternal Blue, APT, NotPetya, BlueKeep, Sodinokibi.
3. Retrospect and Analysis of Cyber Attacks
SkyEye is capable of restoring and storing the metadata of network traffic, which can help users to retrospect cyber attacks that have occurred, and analyse the attack path and scope of exposure and information leakage.

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