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QI-ANXIN Endpoint Security Management System Successfully Passed Virus Bulletin Test

Date:Apr 24,2020 Author:QI-ANXIN

On April 2020, Virus Bulletin has published the latest VB100 verification results.
QI-ANXIN Tianqing Endpoint Security Management System has passed with 0% False positive rate, and 100% Diversity test rate. The report also introduced over 42 VB100 verification results from 36 global security vendors, only 3 China security vendors has passed the test. This result marked the anti-virus ability of QI-ANXIN once again has been recognized by industry influencers.

The remarkable antivirus ability of QI-ANXIN Tianqing System is supported by its independently developed QOWL engine. Tianqin now has been deployed by over 50,000 organizations and enterprises, protecting over 40 million endpoints.