Product Introduction

QAX SIEM helps government and enterprise customers to continuously monitor the security posture by collecting multiple and heterogeneous massive logs, using correlation analysis, machine learning, threat intelligence etc., upgrading the system form "passive defense" to "active defense". It provides security managers with decision making support for risk assessment and emergency response, and also provides security operators with tools for threat detection, investigation, analysis and response. The platform has been guarded networks for thousands of large enterprises and organizations.

Centralized Storage of Security Data
QAX SIEM is powerful in centralized collection and storage of massive multi-source security data, allowing query, investigation and correlation analysis, maximize the value of security data while meeting compliance requirements.
Precise Detection of Advanced Threats
Threat detection is powered by threat intelligence, machine learning, correlation analysis and baseline analysis to improve the accuracy and reduce response time.
Improve the Efficiency of Investigation
QAX SIEM is e embeded with scenario analysis, entity analysis, incident investigation and other tools, combined with practical security operation, to improve the efficiency of incident investigation and response.
Continuous Monitoring of Asset Risk
To help security administrators to establish asset risk assessment capability, providing a quantitative insights of asset situation and security work results

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