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QI-ANXIN’s NGSOC is a cyber-situational awareness and security operation platform based on big data. It collects massive heterogeneous data from diverse sources and uses techniques like association analysis, machine learning and threat intelligence to provide decision-making support for risk assessment and emergency response for security supervisors and offer security operation tools like threat detection, investigation and response to security operation personnel.


1. Cutting-edge Big Data Architecture
NGSOC is built on a big data architecture to cope with the challenges of collecting, storing and computing tons of data. NGSOC can process hundreds of billions of data at a speed of 10W EPS to realize querying which respond within seconds, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of security analysis and response.
2. Powerful Threat Detection
NGSOC uses Sabre, a distributed association analysis engine, with 400+ association analysis rules and 100+ semantics and supporting visualization. The DGA detection technology enabled by machine learning could achieve a detection accuracy of 99.94%.
3. Perfect Closed-Loop Security Operation
NGSOC enables life-cycle management of primary security factors such as assets, vulnerabilities and other factors such as alarm and risk assessment using the closed-loop capability from threat detection, visualization, generalization to coordinated response and neutralization.
4. Professional Security Operation Service
QI-ANXIN Group’s full-time product operation service team can provide service on clients’ sites as well as analysis, operation solution consulting and training services to help clients with the problem of lacking security manpower.


1. Continuous Monitoring and Awareness of Security Situation in Real Time
NGSOC helps enterprise security supervisors understand the overall security situation of their organizations quickly and in full picture, identifying security priorities to guide security and IT personnel.
2. Comprehensive and Timely Detection of Advanced Threats
Using a variety of new threat monitoring tools with the support of threat intelligence, NGSOC hunts security threats hidden in various logs faster than traditional SIEM products.
3. Respond and Neutralize by Achieving Closed-Loop Management of Threats
NGSOC provides a variety of response and neutralization methods, and notification of different hazards levels and scope of impact in three major forms including "person to person", "machine to person" and "machine to machine".
4. Early Warning and Comprehensive Dynamics Assessment
To help improve organizations abilities of coping with major cyber threat events and emergency responding, NGSOC provides threat early warning that use imported early warning packages to automatically complete the assessment of how widely an organization’s network is affected.

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