Product Introduction

QAX Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system is a new generation of endpoint security products driven by threat intelligence. By continuously monitoring endpoint activities, detecting security risks, conducting in-depth investigation on threat risks, and providing measure of remedial response, it supplements the deficiency of traditional endpoint security products in defending against advanced threats, so as to obtain better and faster results in fighting advanced threats efficiency, reducing the likelihood that higher level threats will ultimately achieve their goals.

Visual Management of Endpoint Threat
Through the analysis of abnormal behavior data of endpoint, combined with the comprehensive analysis of context data and the data pushed by threat intelligence, the malicious activities of advanced threats can be clearly visible and implement the tracking of advanced threats.
Fast Response of Advanced Threat
Through the intelligent response capability of endpoint to the advanced threats, to implement the prevention of attack, endpoint isolation and repair, and threat tracing, transform single positive response into continuous static rule to continuously contain advanced threats and improve the capability of the endpoint security management platform to respond to advanced threats.
Comprehensive Investigation Mechanism
More threat information can be searched and drilled in the network to analyze the real purpose of penetration, so that security person can quickly determine the scope and impact, timely stop losses, and improve the efficiency of emergency response.

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