New Generation Endpoint Security Management System (QI-ANXIN Tianqing)

A comprehensive solution that supports multi-platform and integrates professional endpoint security with O&M management.

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QI-ANXIN’s new generation of terminal security management system (QI-ANXIN Tianqing) is supported by big data technology, with reliable services as the guarantee, and integrates to achieve accurate host detection of malicious codes, effective defense against APT attacks, security intelligent management and control, and reinforcement of the shutdown system. Link with network side equipment to form three-dimensional protection. 


1. Prevention of Endpoint Virus and Malicious Code
Combined with self-developed QOWL engine, cloud engine, artificial intelligence engine and other multi-engine technologies, it has active defense technologies such as isolation protection, 5-layer entrance protection, 7-layer system protection, and 8-layer application protection, effectively blocking known and unknown viruses.

2. Control of O&M
Ø  Identify endpoint assets across the network automatically, monitor system status and alarm in real-time to ensure business continuity.
Ø  Employ diverse measures such as control of unauthorized external contact and peripheral equipment, , process control, host firewall, and desktop security reinforcement to improve endpoint security
Ø  Scan and correlate endpoint vulnerabilities across the network, simplify patch O&M, realize automatic patch verification, reduce human participation, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of patch deployment.
Ø  Security audit of whole network files and peripheral use, management at multiple levels and alarming in a variety of ways, all aimed at achieving efficient control over the whole network.

3. Coordinated Response and Neutralization
It provides abundant endpoint alarm events and original behavior information, which are distributed to third-party big data analysis platforms via syslog to help business clients establish big data-enabled awareness over their internal network and endpoints.


1. Security is Far More than Compliance
QI-ANXIN Tianqing is running stably and reliably on the intranet of tens of thousands of domestic enterprises, and has accumulated protection of more than 50 million terminals. Possessing practical experience in defending against a large number of cyber attacks can truly help companies discover cyber attacks and solve security problems, so that security is no longer more than just compliance, and the company's security investment is worth the money.

2. Powerful Management Improves Efficiency
QI-ANXIN Tianqing provides a wide range of management functions, user-friendly interface and statistical reports, greatly improving the efficiency of security management.

3. Scalable and Continuous Security
QI-ANXIN Tianqing adopts a modular data structure, which can be flexibly combined through module expansion, and has a large amount of cloud security big data. It analyzes and privatizes these data for privatization deployment, which improves the enterprise's intranet threat defense capabilities and helps enterprises detect traditional methods Threats that cannot be detected, local threats are finally located, so that enterprises have the ability to detect and resist unknown threats in a timely manner.

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