Product Introduction

QAX SOAR is a system of intelligent collaboration that integrates security operations-related teams, tools and processes through orchestration and automation, processes data from different sources in an orderly way, keeps conducting security alert triage and investigation, case management, cooperative operations, and incident response, and eventually realizes highly efficient and effective security operations.

Resource integration and collaborative connection: organically integrate scattered tools, personnel, and processes and resources required for security operations to realize the connection and collaboration between people and tools, and tools and tools.
Automatic operation, load reduction and efficiency increase: the security operations process or its fragments can be transformed into orchestrated security playbooks and executed as automatically as possible to greatly reduce the workload and improve the efficiency of the security operations personnel.
Enhanced alert and rapid triage: the security operations personnel can investigate and enhance alerts more easily, and perform alert triage more quickly, thereby improving the quantity and quality of alert handling per unit time.
Quick response and timely remediation: With the orchestration and automation, the security operations personnel can respond quickly and reduce the average response time.
Dynamic confrontation and continuous optimization: Security operations personnel can dynamically adjust and combine playbooks according to practice. The system can automatically record the operation records of all the confrontation processes, which is convenient for summary and continuous optimization afterwards.
Human efficiency improvement and efficient measurement: the automation and digital measurement of the security operations effect can be realized through orchestration and automation to improve the operation level, and the knowledge of experienced security operations personnel can be solidified, deposited, shared, and continuously optimized.

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