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New generation of mobile office solutions: data is stored and run only on cloud for safer mobile office

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QI-ANXIN Virtual Mobile provides employees with a secure virtual cellphone designed specifically for mobile devices, Business applications and data are stored and operated only on the server, generating encrypted display on personal terminals where only touch control is allowed. All business data will never leave data centers, which means applications and data never settle on terminal devices, so helping companies safeguarding secure mobile officing to the maximum. 


1. Life-Cycle Data Security
As data never settles on endpoint devices (zero retention), it is made impossible for attacks to be launched by exploiting mobile phone vulnerabilities, Trojans, applications against endpoints, nor for reverse attacks against business networks.
2. Secure and Efficient IT O&M
Centralized deployment, management, upgrade and audit; There is no need to maintain and manage various endpoint models and operating systems, nor IOS applications.
3. Significantly Improve Work Efficiency
Employees are able to work anytime and anywhere to create greater value;
The problem of low arrival rate for the backup cellphone is prevented, thus improving the communication efficiency; All data is stored and operated on the cloud, making it easier for big data analysis and audit.
4. Enhance Users Experience a lot
No control over endpoints, no infringement upon users’ privacy. Users are also free to choose and use their favourite mobile devices without concerning themselves with the safekeeping of office devices or the need for data migration.
5. Reduction of Ownership Costs
No need to adapt and maintain enterprises applications to suit different versions of IOS/Android systems on various devices; or to purchase expensive mobile devices and assume related usage and safekeeping costs thereafter. Costs incurred by management of these devices will also be saved as a result. 


1. Information-sensitive Large Enterprises
100% segregation between public and private data, with zero retention of business data and operation information left on personal devices; adopt unified deployment and security O&M to greatly improve corporate mobile information security and operation efficiency.
2. Financial Companies that Require Data Security and Track Records
It guarantees enterprise information security and prevents loss of customers to competitors; All data can be reviewed, and all behaviors are traceable.
3. Enterprises that Confront Poor Security or Compatibility of Mobile Applications
Due to historical reasons, companies may face security or compatibility problems for their applications, such as unable to be strengthened in terms of security, or to catch up with the constant upgrade of IOS and Android systems.
4. Smart Hospitals or Smart Factories with Large or Sensitive Data
It will have more significant advantages in scenarios dealing with highly sensitive data; large amount of data, such as 3D pictures with inefficient transmission on terminal devices; inconvenient access to wire transmission; immediate adjustments on mobile devices due to business update; or 5G mobile edge computing.

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