Product Introduction

Vulnerability Managment System is a comprehensive vulnerability scanning product with independent intellectual property rights. The product was developed from the perspective of pre-attack stage. It checks the security vulnerabilities of targets from multiple perspectives, such as operating systems, web systems, weak passwords, databases, network devices, firewalls, etc. After the triage, the product provides a detailed report on the vulnerability and its solution to customer.

Operation Value-added
Assist customer to complete the vulnerability management workflow, realizing asset scanning and efficient management, providing solution for fixing vulnerability in time.
Overall Monitoring and Supervision
For supervision department and high-level management divisions, the system provide easy operation for scanning reports generation, and assist daily work more efficient.

A comprehensive vulnerability scanning product should integrates system vulnerabilities, Web vulnerabilities, databases, weak passwords, and security configuration checks. The latest VM version is a comprehensive security vulnerability scanning product that checks the operating system, the middleware of the middle layer, the website system of the upper layer, and software configuration.

Product Features

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