Product Introduction

In the form of Network as a Service (NaaS), QAX Security SD-WAN provides secure WAN networking solutions for users in multi-branch offices, data center interconnection, hybrid cloud and other scenarios.

QAX Security SD-WAN can not only solve network problems such as high network operation and maintenance costs and complex WAN networking, but also provide end-to-end security protection capabilities against the increasingly serious security risks of WAN and intranet data. Through flexible, convenient and on-demand network connection, flexible deployment of security capabilities, data-driven network and security policy decision support, it make the network safer and more intelligent.

Improve business experience
Based on the intelligent features of automated deployment, QAX Security SD-WAN can shorten the time of service online (TTM) to a few minutes. At the same time, the experience of accessing services can be significantly improved through quality assurance of important services, on-demand ion of application paths, and high availability assurance of systems and links.
Ensure business security
Through end-to-end encryption, transmission isolation, in-depth detection and other technologies, QAX Security SD-WAN can provide multi-dimensional identity authentication and authority control based on users and businesses, and realize network attack protection, IPS, AV, URL filtering, and comprehensively ensure business security while building a secure and trusted enterprise network.
Reduce TCO (Total cost of ownership) cost
The operation and maintenance costs of the whole network can be greatly reduced through the zero-configuration online, automatic operation and maintenance, and visual management of the security SD-WAN. In addition, by improving the high availability and high-quality service of the network, the investment in enterprise WAN can be reduced, thus reducing TCO (Total cost of ownership).

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