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Security SD-WAN, the best choice for integrated networking supporting intrinsic security.

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QI-ANXIN security SD-WAN provides wide area security networking solutions for users with multiple branches, data center interconnection, hybrid cloud and other scenarios to solve network problems such as high network operation and maintenance costs, complexity of wide area networking, meanwhile providing end-to-end security featuring "end - network - cloud”, so that making the network more secure and the security more intelligent.


1.Zero Configuration and Fast Deployment
Through email online, 4G online, deployment wizard online, batch online, etc., automatic registration is completed and network configuration and security policy configuration are obtained, so as to achieve minute-level online.
2. Intelligent Route Optimization
Supporting telemetry technology used to monitor the end-to-end service quality of the whole enterprise WAN; Intelligent multi-dimensional routing based on hop count, delay and bandwidth is enabled by WKSP technology to achieve application-based routing optimization with assured quality .

3. Comprehensive Security Protection

It supports anti-leakage scanning, defense against DDOS attack, intrusion protection, anti-virus and other security protections. Meanwhile, it provides enterprise networking solutions under systematic all-round protection through encrypted data transmission, unified identity authentication, centralized authority control, and in-depth threat identification.

4. Visualized and Centralized Control
Provide visualized central control that supports automatic operation and maintenance of security gateways across the network as well as network orchestration, security orchestration, and customization of security features, also supports centralized management and display of network states, business data and network quality of the whole network.


1. Fast Service Delivery at Reduced Costs
Provide safe, reliable and private service space which is customized according to user’s network resources (Internet, dedicated connections, 4G/5G). Through zero configuration, automatic deployment and visualized central management, it greatly shortens the time of putting nodes online and saves operation and maintenance costs.
2. Flexible Deployment and Integration of Networking and Security
Through integration of networking and security technologies, security orchestration is synchronized over network orchestration to enable a flexible networking structure fully integrated with security capabilities, supporting on-demand deployment and scalability of security capabilities.
3. Awareness of Operations with Efficient Assurance
Using special application identification techniques to achieve accurate awareness of business operations. In accordance with business quality requirements and monitoring of link quality, it can adjust priorities of business operations and bandwidth requirements in real time and carry out path optimization and traffic scheduling as needed to intelligently guarantee high-quality delivery of key services.
4. Compatible with Current Network for Smooth Transition
It is compatible with traditional standard IPSec VPN networking environment, meaning users can gradually migrate and deploy as needed. Smooth transition from traditional multi-point independent networking to complete SD-WAN network can be realized, minimizing impact on operations due to networking transformation.

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