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QAX SkyEye New Generation Threat Sensitive System (referred to as SkyEye system) is a sophisticated solution that provides customers with cybersecurity services and products, specialized in offense and defense penetration and data analysis, focusing on threat detection and response. Based on network traffic and terminal EDR logs, SkyEye system uses threat intelligence, rules engine, file virtual execution, machine learning and other technologies to accurately detect the intrusion behaviorof known advanced network attacks and unknown network attacks against hosts and servers in the network. It also uses the local big data platform to store and query traffic logs and terminals logs, and analyze, investigate, backtrack events utilizing threat intelligence and attack chain analysis. Combined with border NDR, terminal EDR, and automated orchestration, the threat can be blocked in time.

Accurate detection of advanced threats
Compared with traditional security detection solutions, SkyEye system can quickly and accurately detect cyber threat attacks with high accuracy and low false positive rate.
Rapid response to majorsecurity incidents
Based on the context of threat intelligence, Skyeye system can help security operators to detect, identify and respond to major security incidents, such as Eternal Blue, APT Incident, NotPetya, BlueKeep, Sodinokibi.
Traceback and analysis of cyber attacks
SkyEye system is capable of restoring and storing the metadata of network traffic, which can help users to trace back the network attacks that have occurred, and analyze the attack path, infected surface, and information leakage.
Compliance with upgraded requirements on cybersecurity
SkyEye system meets the upgraded cybersecurity requirements v2.0 for network attack detection and analysis, especially for new network attacks and APT attacks.

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