Next Generation Firewall(NGFW)

Data-Driven Security for coordinated safeguarding of perimeters.

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QI-ANXIN’s Next Generation Firewall is an innovative firewall product that can comprehensively respond to traditional network attacks and advanced threats. It can be widely used in the business network boundaries of various enterprises and organizations to achieve network security domain isolation, refined access control, and high efficiency. Threat protection and advanced threat detection functions. Based on the next-generation firewall, this product transcends the integration of innovative security technologies such as threat intelligence, big data analysis, and security visualization, and through intelligent collaboration with the cyber threat perception center, security management analysis center, terminal security management system, etc., Users build a new generation of data-driven threat defense platform at the network boundary.


1. Data-Driven Security Innovation
Making full use of the abundant security big data and Internet threat intelligence pooled by QI-ANXIN and working in an intelligent and coordinated way with cloud-based and endpoint security elements, the security effectiveness and real-time defence has made leapfrog improvement driven by big data and coordinated response to break the limitations of traditional static, passive and isolated protective modes.

2. Efficient and Reliable System Architecture
Adopting the fourth-generation SecOS operating system on the basis of single-engine asynchronous parallel processing, separation between management plane and data plane, and optimization of many data processing mechanisms, the device can always maintain high performance when operating in scenarios such as large traffic, complex usage and simultaneous activation of multiple security functions, and ensure stability and reliability under extreme conditions.

3. Panoramic Platform-based Management
Provide a wealth of platform-based security management tools. For large-scale deployment scenarios, through supporting platforms such as the "Security Management Analysis Center (SMAC)" and "Network Threat Perception Center", it is possible to achieve centralized status monitoring, unified management, operation and maintenance, analysis and early warning of the entire network for thousands of devices. Global disposal response.


1. Realize all-round attack protection, effectively defend against various attack behaviors, and ensure the security of enterprise and branch Internet access and enterprise private network.
2. Enhance threat perception capabilities, build a security system that emphasizes both defense and detection, and make up for the shortcomings of traditional protection.
3. Significantly reduce the management cost of the entire network equipment and improve management efficiency.

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